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Talent Talks

The Talent Talks Podcast, With Host Rick Maher

In-depth discussions and expert insights into how to reinvent America’s Talent Development and Education Systems to drive global economic competitiveness for future generations.

Each month, host Rick Maher is joined by our nation’s thought leaders to explore emerging trends and disruptive ideas on how we can use data and evidence to drive innovation, improve outcomes, and position America’s students, workers, employers, and communities for future prosperity.

Rick Maher is a veteran of the human resources industry, and a recognized leader in the fields of managing organizational change and the strategic management of human capital. Listen in on engaging conversations full of insights, ideas, and evidence-based solutions that are working right now.


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Recent Episodes

Episode 1
Keeping U.S. Higher Education Competitive For 2030 and Beyond, The 4th Industrial Revolution

In this 35-minute episode, host Rick Maher is joined by Dr. James Applegate from the Office of the President at the Center for Educational Policy at Illinois State University. Dr. Applegate discusses the coming “Fourth Industrial Revolution” that will have the capacity to disrupt the job market with tech innovations like AI, machine learning and 3D printing – potentially causing by 2030, nearly 350 million workers globally to need “re-skilling” to stay employable. Dr. Applegate reveals how such a future could shape our educational system. He also shares insights about U.S. immigration policy and its impact on the higher educational system, as well as the shifting market for higher education. Discover how to move past the false dichotomy between choosing skills-based learning or higher education, and the systemic change that is needed to stay competitive.

Episode 2
Future Trends in Workforce and Education, The Age of Disruption

In this 30-minute episode, host Rick Maher is joined by Emily Stover-DeRocco, CEO/Principal at E3 consulting, who shares her thoughts on trends that are impacting the workforce and education systems, and the need for all systems to become nimbler and more responsive. Emily shares insights on what a future workforce might look like, and some of the key features that the next generation of workforce participants are looking for in a job or career. She also reveals some of the changes that will be necessary in the educational system to keep up with disruption.

Episode 3
Reshaping Education For the Workforce of Tomorrow, Beyond The “Carnegie Unit”

In this 30-minute episode, host Rick Maher is joined by Dr. Ken Ender, President of William Rainey Harper College and Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Chicago/Cook Workforce Development Board. Dr. Ender explains how the “Carnegie Unit” became the standard for packaging and delivering learning, and how that model can now be a barrier for the educational needs of the 21st century. Discover the disruption that is occurring in the education industry and what workforce is asking of the educational system. Dr. Ender also shares the importance of public-private partnerships and the key features of a disruptive public education system of the future.

Episode 4
The Federal Reserve’s Role in Workforce Development

In this 35-minutes episode, host Rick Maher is joined by Stuart Andreason, Director of the Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Stuart explains the role of the Federal Reserve in the workforce development system, and how data drives that work. Discover the re-skilling that needs to happen in order to keep up with technological advances, and how the system can become both bigger and more nimble. Stuart also shares insights about how “braiding” funds and leveraging private sector investments can help scale efforts, even in a time of declining budgets.